Friday, 25 October 2013

Edge Update - October 2013

October update!

The Maps

We are now running 3 maps.  All of which are continuously updated to use the latest snapshot release, so you need to enable experimental builds in your Minecraft client.
  • The Edge
    • Fresh map launched for the Minecraft 1.7 release (25th Oct 2013)
    • Near-Vanilla Survival, hard mode
    • No whitelist
    • Nice spawn area in roofed forest with mesa biome nearby
    • Some helpful commands such as !sethome, !home, !mail, !spawn, !unenchant provided by EdgeCraft
    • connect:
  • Survival
    • White-list only
    • Pure Vanilla Survival, hard mode, no regen
    • connect:
  • The Archive
    • The Edge's original map, dating back to February 2012.
    • connect:

Shiny New Hardware

We are now up and running on super new hardware :-) EdgeCraft has also been updated to provide Linux support and a number of enhancements for scalability and management. We are now hosted on CentOS 6.4.

About EdgeCraft

EdgeCraft is a unique, custom server wrapper, compatible with snapshots, which provides many helpful commands to players, along with a permissions system to allow mod / operator groups. This allows us to provide an enhanced multiplayer experience while staying up to date with the very latest MC releases - living on the edge!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Limited Server

Our Limited Server is now under development, inspired by Please come along and test it out!

We have a 128 x 128 map with bedrock walls extending to min and max heights. The map will be changed once it officially launches, so don't go crazy just yet :-)

You can connect at (no whitelist)

Plugins: NoCheatPlus, WorldBorder, Orebfuscator, SimpleSpawn

A date/time for an official launch hasn't been set yet.  Let's see how much interest there is and hopefully have a few players starting at the same time!

Other things to decide before launch:

  • should it be up 24/7?  If restricted hours, I prefer it to be up in the evening UK time
  • how long should the map run for? Should we limit that as well? (Or let it run its course...)

For updates, follow @theedgemc on twitter, check back on this blog, or log on to check the MOTD.