Friday, 25 October 2013

Edge Update - October 2013

October update!

The Maps

We are now running 3 maps.  All of which are continuously updated to use the latest snapshot release, so you need to enable experimental builds in your Minecraft client.
  • The Edge
    • Fresh map launched for the Minecraft 1.7 release (25th Oct 2013)
    • Near-Vanilla Survival, hard mode
    • No whitelist
    • Nice spawn area in roofed forest with mesa biome nearby
    • Some helpful commands such as !sethome, !home, !mail, !spawn, !unenchant provided by EdgeCraft
    • connect:
  • Survival
    • White-list only
    • Pure Vanilla Survival, hard mode, no regen
    • connect:
  • The Archive
    • The Edge's original map, dating back to February 2012.
    • connect:

Shiny New Hardware

We are now up and running on super new hardware :-) EdgeCraft has also been updated to provide Linux support and a number of enhancements for scalability and management. We are now hosted on CentOS 6.4.

About EdgeCraft

EdgeCraft is a unique, custom server wrapper, compatible with snapshots, which provides many helpful commands to players, along with a permissions system to allow mod / operator groups. This allows us to provide an enhanced multiplayer experience while staying up to date with the very latest MC releases - living on the edge!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Limited Server

Our Limited Server is now under development, inspired by Please come along and test it out!

We have a 128 x 128 map with bedrock walls extending to min and max heights. The map will be changed once it officially launches, so don't go crazy just yet :-)

You can connect at (no whitelist)

Plugins: NoCheatPlus, WorldBorder, Orebfuscator, SimpleSpawn

A date/time for an official launch hasn't been set yet.  Let's see how much interest there is and hopefully have a few players starting at the same time!

Other things to decide before launch:

  • should it be up 24/7?  If restricted hours, I prefer it to be up in the evening UK time
  • how long should the map run for? Should we limit that as well? (Or let it run its course...)

For updates, follow @theedgemc on twitter, check back on this blog, or log on to check the MOTD.

Friday, 30 November 2012

!gamemode sugar

You can now use !gm as a shortcut for !gamemode. Also, !afk switches between creative and survival, with a nice message to show your status.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Improved Warp System!

NEW: Warps are now "dimension aware". This means that you can safely create a warp in the End or Nether, and warp to it from any other dimension.

NEWCreating a warp no longer kicks you off the server! The only time when you will be kicked, is when warping between dimensions.  This is due to a technical limitation of EdgeCraft.

Note, it's not currently possible to tp to a player, when they are in another dimension. It's a limitation of the Vanilla Minecraft server, but may be possible with EdgeCraft (just not implemented yet!) NEW: You can use !warpto <player> to TP to another player, regardless of which dimensions you are both in!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Command Documentation!

I created a full list of all the commands available on The Edge, along with description of what they do and how to use them.

Click here to see it!

!unenchant and !last

Two new commands made available today...

!unenchant will remove all enchantments from the item held in the left-most slot in your inventory bar.  It will kick you off the server temporarily while doing this, just log back in a few seconds later!  Good for those times when you wasted 30 levels on Bane of Arthropods V...

!last will show you the last 5 people who logged onto the server (and how long ago).

New server address!

You can now connect to The Edge using  The old one ( will continue to work indefinitely!